Welcome to the developer portal of the Mobiel Schade Melden Platform (msmplatform.nl). On this site you will find all information needed for the integration of the API. This informationset consists of the following parts:


Omgeving API Webapplicatie
Documentation nvt https://portal.msmplatform.nl/
Test https://apitest.msmplatform.nl/v2 https://frontend-test.msmplatform.nl/mobielschademelden/
Acceptance https://apiacc.msmplatform.nl/v2/ https://frontend-acc.msmplatform.nl/mobielschademelden/
Produktion https://api.msmplatform.nl/v2 https://www.mobielschademelden.nl/

NB: The Test environment is meant for internal testing purposes and will be updated frequently. The Acceptance environment is meant for customer acceptance tests.