The next chapters contain a sample design for a Mobiel Schademelden App that can connect to the MSM Platform of the EPS Foundation. This platform supports a number of scenarios:

  • single sided notifications of a road user;
  • double sided notifications of 2 road users on the cell phone of one of them;
  • double sided notifications of 2 road users, each on his own cell phone. In this scenario each enters his own part of the loss notification which then will be joined into one combined notification for the involved parties.

The documentation below describes the latter scenario, because this is the most extensive. The page Notifications on a single device will describe both other scenarios.

Use Cases

The figure below shows the Use Cases of the MSM App.


Request App Token

First of all, it is required to obtain an application token with which the communication with the API can be started. For testing purposes you can use one of the examples in Authentication.

Generate Device Token

Before an app can actually send requests to MSMP, the device that uses the app, has to identify itself. For that purpose the app requests a Device Token. See Request Device Token for details.

Create notification

This use case includes all steps required to create a notification and send it to the participants involved: Insurance companies, lease companies etc. This use case can be devided in the following parts:

  • Create incident
  • Link notification with counterpart
  • Execute the dialogue
  • Add photos
  • Submit notification

Create incident

The incident has to be created and registered on the MSM Platform. For a single sided incidents and double sided incidents that are handled on 1 device this action can be postponed to the moment when the notification is ready to be sent to the partipants. For double sided incidents with 2 devices, it makes sense to create the link as soon as possible. This step is explained in more detail in User Story Create Incident.

Add photos

The platforms supports a feature to add photos of the incident: User Story Add photos.

This Use Case allows two parties to link each others notifications, which is then combined into one incident for all involved notifiers and participants. This is explained in User Story Link notification.

Execute the dialogue

The goal of the MSM platform and app is to deliver validated loss notifications to its participants. To achieve this the MSM app provides a dialogue to its users. The questions asked are registered on the incident notification in the platform. For details, see User Story Execute dialogue.

Submit notification

After both notifiers have agreed upon and signed the notification, it can be delivered to the participants of the platform. This is explained in User Story Submit notification.